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Bicycle presence in major cities still growing at a very fast rate as the preferred mode for short trips, while some argue that public bicycles, the new transportation phenomena is the fastest growing transportation mode world wide, cities become redesign not only in terms of transportation and mobility, facts as traffic calming, urban landscape, low maintenance vegetation, bioclimatics and a very intense public life emerges as a new landscape where proximity returns citizens the top status as the main actor of the XXI century city.

Our work related to bicycle landscape, urban design, mobility and community involvement gathers the most important Green Infrastructure projects of Mexico:
  • 2002 Mexico City Green way.
  • 2004 Rural Bike Station.
  • 2007 Mexico city urban bike station and first bike share system 450 bicycle, 10 spots.
  • 2008 Mexico Bike Tour.
  • 2009Mexico City Bike Strategy, landscape and architectural projects.
  • 2010 Monitoring and implementing of Mexico city ecobici.